Strategic Solutions Today Utilizing Tomorrow's Technology Strategic Solutions Today Utilizing Tomorrow's Technology

What We Do

  • Rapid determination and solution engineering for business problems that are solved by the efficient use of technologies.
  • Remediation of business and technology infrastructures and workflows through the application of custom built solutions.
  • Automation of traditional workflows to create competitive advantages through efficiency and parallelism.
  • Application of artificial intelligence and data mining to identify trends and identify potential challenges.

How We Are Different

Koi only employs qualified consultants. All Koi team members have extensive experience in the field of your project. Our teams are comprised of highly intelligent, detail-oriented, experienced individuals. Koi does not use the customer as a learning experience.

Koi teams are staffed with multi-disciplinary individuals who can perform more than one function as needed in the project increasing efficiency and overall value.

Koi Consultants understand the business drivers behind the challenges and design solutions that fulfill the needs of the client through intelligent thought, planning, and execution.

Koi does not outsource work to third-party organizations and directly manages their teams and resources.

How We Work

We build it right the first time. Often we get called in to fix the mistakes left behind by previous teams. Our team will always give a true assessment. By focusing on the entire company, we reshape the strategy at all levels. Thus, creating sustainable improvement.

Our strategic methodology uses technological innovation to create a complete company-wide digital transformation – reducing complexity and risk while drastically increasing value, optimizing output and streamlining processes thus maximizing profitability.

Core Strategy

Our core methodology creates Fortune 500 profits without the Fortune 500 cost.

We take your desired outcome and create a strategy to bring that goal to fruition.
Expansion doesn’t just happen – it is the result of careful planning and precise execution.
Our team is made up of highly intelligent, highly trained individuals with complementing skill-sets and collaborative mindsets.

Industries We Serve

We focus on the following core industries:

  • Healthcare:
    • Data Analytics / EDI / CHIN / Integration
    • ANSI X10 – 4010/5010
    • ICD-9/10-DM and PCS
    • Systems Integration: EMR and EHR
    • Interface / Data Ingestion
    • HITRUST and Security Remediation
    • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Warehousing
  • Telecommunications:
    • Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Virtualized Network Functions (VNF)
    • Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
    • Edge Compute
    • Virtual Evolved Packet Cores (vEPC)
    • ETSI/ONAP/TOSCA/YANG Standards Strategy and Implementation
    • Functional and Services Testing
    • Services Automation and Predictive Resilience
    • Resiliency and Carrier Class Engineering in Virtualized Environments
      • Openstack
      • AWS
      • Azure
    • Whitebox Switch Route and Compute
      • OCP
      • ONP
      • Netflow
    • CBRS Strategy and Implementation
  • Real Estate and Building Management
    • Building Automation
    • In-Building Networking
    • IOT Network and Device Implementation / Design / Deployment
    • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
    • Security and Biometric Controls (Facial, Fingerprint, Voice)
    • First Responder Networks
    • Emergency Services Networks
  • Network and Application Security (on-premises and cloud)
    • Configuration Enforcement and Management
    • Security and Penetration Testing
    • Remediation
    • Ongoing Policy Compliance and Enforcement
  • eCommerce
    • Presence (Website) Development
    • Multi-Tier / n-Tier Application Infrastructure Development
    • Logistics and Supply Management
    • Data Warehousing / Reporting
    • Third Party Interface and Collaboration Platforms
    • Mobile Application Development
    • “Just In Time” inventory control and manufacturing integrations

About Koi

The team at KOI Consulting is comprised of experienced individuals with extensive practical, real-world backgrounds in a multitude of industries. Not only do we provide immediate results, we leave clients with the ability and tools to overcome future challenges.

Without inspiration, there is no innovation. Stagnant companies that realize the need for technological transformation that replaces the core foundation and pushes the boundaries of now, will be in front as tomorrow becomes today.

Our Mission

We immerse ourselves into our clients’ organizations in order to maximize efficiency and enable sustainable, profitable future growth.

Our team is built with the most qualified professionals that are experts in their craft. We challenge the standard limits of thinking and build the infrastructure that will drive transformation and realize a sustainable market advantage.

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity are the core fundamental values of Koi Consulting.

We always tell the truth. Always. Problems cannot be solved if the true issue is hidden or glossed over. We take pride in our pure, honest and integral approach.